Sotkamo Municipality



Sotkamo Municipality
Prizes for being Finland’s most creative municipality, for developing a successful image and for municipal development all testify to the open-minded, lively and bold activities of Sotkamo Municipality. The Vuokatti area ranks as one of the world’s most versatile tourism centres offering activities all the year round while Sotkamo as a whole boasts high quality municipal and private services.




Welcome to Sotkamo!

The municipality continually invests in new ideas. One of the more remarkable of these is Snowpolis, an international all-year-round centre for winter activities and sport. And our next new, ground-breaking project is waiting just around the corner!

Here you’ll find an excellent environment both for living and for conducting business amidst beautiful unspoilt nature. The constant stream of events and happenings throughout the municipality add attractiveness and spice to life here in Sotkamo.

For more information about events and tourism services contact Vuokatti’s web pages


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