The Mayor’s Greetings

Welcome to Sotkamo municipality homepage!

Sotkamo is world-famous for its beautiful nature and the wide variety of sports facilities in Vuokatti region. In addition to tourism, Sotkamo has pioneered in several other lines of business. The agriculture has developed into modern, technically advanced farms through a strong history of co-operative dairy industry. Mining brings almost 2,000 jobs in our municipality, and there is a lot of potential for increasing amount of further refinement of mining products.

As it is established in Sotkamo municipality strategy, even foolhardy ideas have been welcomed and explored here. For example, Vuokatti is the home of the world’s first indoor cross-country ski tunnel as well as indoor snowboarding tube, which is now updated into MAX Snow World snow park. There are several bowling alleys, Super Park indoor activity center, and many more year-round holiday destinations for the whole family. Fantastic culinary delights can be found in our numerous restaurants and the only microbrewery in Kainuu. A new Vuokatti Arena is a venue for ice sports and other events.

Sotkamo has more to offer to its residents than an average town of its size. Vuokatti and Sotkamo host a million tourists per year, which has created a network of high-quality services that also our residents can enjoy. There are building lots available in all parts of Sotkamo. The municipality and private sellers have various options to offer, whether you are looking for a location for a permanent home, holiday residence, or business purposes.

Mika Kilpeläinen, Mayor