Charges for Public Water Works

Sotkamo Water Supply Plant (incl. VAT 24%)
Connection charge Is determined based on the property’s intended use, size and use of services.  More on the determination of the charge (In Finnish)
Basic charge The basic charge includes a water meter charge, and also a basic charge for water and sewage. The charge will be determined according to the size of a property’s water meter as following.
  Size of the meter m³ Annual €
  3-5 127,08
  7-10 244,39
  20 – 376,41
  magnetic meter 413,70
User charge The basis of the user charge is the amount of water used by the property. The consumption of water is measured by a water meter delivered by the plant. The user charge is charged separately for water supply and sewerage.
  water € 1,48€
  sewage € 2,47€
  total 3,95€
Service pipe charge one pair of houses 1500,40€
  pair of houses 1004,40€
Other charges Charge for the disposal of septic tank sludge 10,00€
  Charge for septic tank sludge of cesspool sewages 3,00€
  Reception charges of soil and snow dump sites in Nivu and Kuolaniemi:
  –  Reception charge for excess soil 3,00€
  –  Reception charge for snow 1,00€
  Charge for a meter reading 50€/time
  Water charge during building, detached house 30m³
  Water charge during building, other 100m³
  Charge for taking a meter 50,00€
  Charge for replacing a broken water meter
  size 3/5m³ 80€ when buying a submeter+rack 40€
  7/10m³ 150€
  20m³ charge will be agreed upon separately
  share of work 50€
  test runs 20€
  charge for the inspection of a water meter 20€+inspection charge by an inspection company
  excavator 75€/h