Water Metering and Invoicing

Water Metering

Water and sewage invoicing is based on water consumption measured by a water meter specific to each property. The owners of the property report the water meter reading on the last day of October annually either using a meter reading card sent by the plant, or through a link on the Sotkamo municipality’s website. Through the service, you can observe your water consumption, change your contact details, and browse your invoice information.

You can register to the electronic service channel from this online link: Online registration  (In Finnish)

To register, you need an e-mail address, the customer number, and the reference number in the previous invoice.

Water meters are the property of the plant. To ensure that the water meters are working correctly, the plant replaces water meters at its expense approximately every 10 years. If you notice any malfunctions in a water meter, we ask you to contact the water supply plant immediately.


Invoicing is done four times a year. Three invoices are based on an estimate based on the consumption in the previous year. The last invoice of the year (balancing invoice) is based on a reading of the water meter performed by either the customer or the plant. To confirm that the estimated invoice matches the actual consumption as accurately as possible, we ask our customers to report any major changes in water consumption, such as notable changes in the amount of people.