Rules of self-service time 

Self-service time to the mornings was introduced on February 15th, 2022. There isn’t customer service during self-service time. From Monday to Friday self-service time is from 9am to 12pm and on Saturdays and day before holiday from 9am to 10am. To return and check out libraries materials you can use the self-service machine, which can be found in both floors. To check out materials you need a library card and a four-digit PIN code, which you can get from customer service. If you are returning materials, you do not need a library card or a PIN code. Please do not leave returning loans on the customer service desk, thank you! 

During self-service time you can: 

  • Return loans with self-service automaton 
  • Pick up reservations and check them out on self-service automaton 
  •  Interlibrary loans can be dropped straight to the drop box, because the automaton does not recognize their barcodes 
  • Use Internet computers but printing isn’t available 

Interlibrary loans cannot be picked up during self-service time. They need to be asked from the library staff during customer service time. 

Library staff is present during self-service time and will help you if you need it.