The park services manage the maintenance of public areas ensuring that the areas are comfortable, clean, and safe.

Dog Park

The dog park is located in Rauramo (at the end of Ratapolku). Dogs can run free in the park, which is available for everyone to use at all times of the day.

Boat Berths

There are short term guest berths free of charge at the marina. Long term berths are for rent during the boating season. Fresh water is available at the harbor, and refueling is possible at a nearby gas station.

Rug Washing Place

In Finland it is a tradition to wash your house rugs outside in the summer time.
The rug washing place is located in Hirvenniemi, at the end of Laaninkuja.

No reservations.
Please use only water friendly detergent.
There is lake water in the pipeline, NOT FOR DRINKING.
Watch out for the water pressure.

Contact details for more information:
Sotkamo municipality, tel. 08 6155 811,
In the evenings and at weekends
tel. 044 750 2752

Marketplace Trading Spaces

The Sotkamo marketplace is located in the town center, at the corner between Torikatu and Kainuuntie.
Selling at the marketplace is possible on Mon-Fri at 8-17 and on Sat at 8-14.