Hiukan uimaranta

Public Water Works

The water supply plant gives service to the customers of the public water works and the connected water cooperatives. Its aim is to produce and distribute sufficient amount of high-quality water for household consumption.

In addition, the plant receives and purifies sewage from the customers in the operating areas. The purification level is consistent with the requirements on the environmental permit.

Contact Details

Sotkamo Municipality Water Supply Plant

  • Markkinatie 1, 88600 Sotkamo
  • vesilaitos@sotkamo.fi or forename.surname@sotkamo.fi
  • Open on weekdays at 9 – 15
  • Storehouse: Ratatie 6, tel. 044-7502274

Fault reports and contact info

Outside working hours, tel. 044-7502752 at other times, see contact details.