Nuorisotoimen toiminnallinen kiipeilyhetki seiskapäivillä.

Youth Work Services

The Youth Work Services are responsible for the youth work carried out in the municipality in accordance with the new Youth Work Act. The aim is to support young people in managing their own life situation. We support recreational activities, operate afternoon activities, and do precautionary youth work.

Outreach Youth Work

Outreach Youth Work is special youth work, and its goal is to be present among the youth and provide an opportunity for a safe and confidential adult contact. Outreach Youth Work, together with the young person, seeks solutions to the young one’s problems and questions, and helps the youth to reach the necessary services.


You, 15-29 years old, can improve your own professional skills and performance regardless of your life situation. With the support of an individual coach, you can for example get rhythm and nice activities to your everyday life. You can also receive guidance for studying and job seeking.

Sotkamo Youth Facilities

At Youth Centres, you can enjoy high-quality, stimulating leisure by meeting friends and making new acquaintances. Action, co-operation, and considering others are important things at our Youth Centres.