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Kainuu Environmental Health Services

Environmental health care is part of the public health work that municipalities are responsible for. It refers to the health protection of the individual and his environment. The result area of environmental health care includes the areas of responsibility for veterinary care and health control.

Veterinary care tasks are performed by practitioner veterinarians, hygienist veterinarians, and veterinary inspectors. Practicing veterinarians perform e.g. basic veterinary services, tasks according to the Animal Diseases Act, and emergency services. The area of operation of hygienists and control veterinarians is the entire province of Kainuu. The duties of a veterinary hygienist include the supervision of facilities and foodstuffs of animal origin in accordance with the hygiene legislation. The duties of the supervising veterinarian include monitoring the health and well-being of the animals.

The tasks of health supervision include food supervision, supervision of residential apartments and other apartments, household water, bathing water and swimming pool water supervision, supervision of the sale and advertising of tobacco products in accordance with the Tobacco Act, and supervision of smoking bans.