Building Control

The general aim of the building control is to develop the functionality and aesthetic comfort of the built environment. The healthiness, safety, and technical quality of the buildings are maintained by means of guidance, monitoring, permit administration, and inspections.


General guidance on building is based on the regulations given in the level of the legislation, decree and Building Code. The minimum requirements regarding building and permit requirements are specified in the Land Use and Building Act and Decree. More detailed regulations are included in the National Building Code of Finland.

The most important means of guidance on building in Sotkamo is the building ordinance, which gives local regulations and guidelines in Finnish.

Co-operation with building supervision services is essential from the very beginning of any construction project. The building inspector’s office day is Monday at 9-11 and 12-15. For other times, see contact information below.

Electronic building permits

Sotkamo is using the electronic service channel Lupapiste. You can manage your electronic permit matters conveniently through Lupapiste, which covers applications for building, action, landscape work and demolition permits, as well as deviation and planning requirement decisions. Currently, Lupapiste only works in Finnish and Swedish.

You can access the electronic service in the link below.

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