Fees for Early Childhood Education

The fee is based on the family’s earned income and capital income as well as tax free income, such as child support. The level of payment is based on family size, the family gross income, and the monthly amount of daycare hours that are reserved in the service agreement.

Family size = married or cohabiting persons living in a household, and all of their children under 18 years old living permanently in the same household with them.

If a family does not deliver income reports by the due date, the highest fee will be charged. If the family delivers income reports after the agreed due date, the fee decision based on income will come into force in the beginning of the next month. If the family does not want to deliver income reports, it should be marked in the application. 

Taskulaskin, kynä ja paperi
Income limits

Income statements

  • wage income
  • tax certificate
  • child support payment
  • certificate of study
Laskin ja 50 euron seteleitä suurennuslasin alla.


Counter gives you 100% payment (more than 150 h/month), if you need less hours, you can check payment with these %

  • 1 – 51 h/month 40 %
  • 52 – 86  h/month 60 %
  • 87 – 107 h/month 70 %
  • 108 – 149 h/month 85 %
  • more than 150 h/month 100 %

Monthly number of hours reserved in the service agreement as the basis of the fee

A service agreement about the need for daycare will be made together with families. The amount of payment depends on the monthly hours of daycare needs.

Early childhood education needed in addition to preschool education

Preschool education is free of charge (4 h/day).

The fee for care of a child in early childhood education in addition to preschool education is determined in the service agreement. The fee is based on the monthly amount of daycare hours. 

If the family’s ability to pay substantially declines for some reason, a discount on the fee for care can be applied. The fee can be removed or reduced with the decision by the Director of Education.

Termination of the care relationship

If the child’s need for daycare ends during the term, the place of care must be notified immediately. The notice can be made verbally. If the care relationship is terminated in the middle of the month, the fee for care will be charged proportionally based on the number of hours used.

Invoicing and collecting

An invoice is delivered once a month. The e-invoice information can be found in the bill. A valid penalty interest will be charged for unpaid bills. If the payment is delayed past the due date, two payment requests will be sent. After those, the fees for day care will be subject to recovery proceedings.