Kyltti kirjaston maksuista.


The local Education and Cultural Committee defines the library charges. You can pay charges in cash or by bank card in the main library during service hours. In the mobile library you can pay in cash only.

  • Charge for an uncollected reservation 1 €/reservation. No charge for material from the children’s and young people’s section.
  • Notice of overdue loans (including interlibrary loans) 2 €/notice. Also charged in case renewing loans through the internet has been unsuccessful, or the due date reminder has not been received.
  • Charge for interlibrary loans and article copies
    • Charge for interlibrary loans from the public libraries in Kainuu and the National Repository Library 3 €/item
    • Charge for interlibrary loans from other libraries 5 €/item
  • Charge for black & white photocopying and printing
    • 1-20 pages 0,50 €/page
    • 21 –  0,20 €/page
  • Charge for colour photocopying and printing
    • 1 €/page
  • Charge for replacements of material is based on the acquisition price. Material can also be replaced by purchasing an equivalent item as a substitute for the lost or damaged item. Due to the charge for copyrights specific to material, DVD, VHS, Blu-ray or CD-ROM records cannot be replaced with equivalent material. Replacement charges are not refunded even if the replaced material is found later.
  • Limit of charges for a loan ban: 10 €