Sotkamon päivähoidon 40-vuotisjuhla Sotkamon keskuskentällä, kuvassa lapsia ja päivähoidon henkilökuntaa nauttimassa konserttiesityksestä.

Early Childhood Education in Sotkamo

Sotkamo is favored by families with children.

Our early childhood education supports the well-being of families, and we respond to the children’s developmental needs. We offer high-quality education, which is consistent with the appropriate legislation. Sensitivity to the needs of children, presence of adults and availability are important things to us. The opportunities offered by Sotkamo (connection with nature, sports and rural lifestyle) are utilized in the early childhood education work and its development.

How to apply for a place in early childhood education

When a child needs a place in early childhood education, please contact the early childhood education office or fill in the application up to 4 months before the need for care starts, if the date of commencement is known. If there are several children in the family, a separate application must be filled in for each child.

Commencement of early childhood education

When the decision on a place in early childhood education has been made, parents will be contacted and the child’s familiarization visits will be arranged. Parents are recommended to familiarize themselves with the “Our child” form in advance. During the first visit, adults will meet and discuss using the “Our child” form while getting to know each other and the place of early childhood education.

During the same visit, the care plan will be filled in and next visits can be arranged, during which the child will get to know his or her new environment, the children and the caretakers. The child will also have an opportunity to attend one meal with the group during the familiarization visits. Familiarization visits are free of charge up to three hours at a time. There can be as many familiarization visits as the child needs.

Virastotalo talvella.

Early childhood education office address

Markkinatie 1, 88600 Sotkamo

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Office hours

Mon – Fri 9 – 11 am and 12 – 15 pm