Kirjaston esitteitä telineessä

Terms of use

Sotkamo municipal library terms of use as of 1st August 2023

Purpose of the terms of use

The rules of use are based on the Public Libraries Act (1492/2016). The purpose of the rules is to improve the organisation, security and comfort inside the library.

User rights

The library is available for anyone who abides by the library terms of use. The library is not liable for possible damage on a customer caused by borrowing material, using equipment or using the open network.

Library card and borrowing

A library card is a personal item, and it must always be presented when borrowing material. The first library card is free of charge. The library card entitles customers to borrow material at the main library as well as in the bookmobile. The library may set restrictions on the amount of specific borrowing materials. 

To get a library card, a customer must prove his/her identity and report one’s address in Finland. For customers below the age of 15, a written permission from a guardian or other adult person in charge is required as well as the permission to file the guardian’s social security number. The library card of a child can only have one guarantor, which has to be a parent or other guardian. A guardian is responsible for the loans of a customer who is less than 15 years of age. For privacy protection reasons, the data on a child’s library card can only be updated by the children themselves or a guarantor who is filed in the library records. Any information about the child’s library card will also be given exclusively to them. 

A day care center, school, or other institution or organisation can obtain a community card with a written permission of an adult contact person. The community card is temporary.

To view and renew loans, and reserve material through the web library, a PIN code is needed in addition to the library card. PIN codes are given in person at the library or in the bookmobile. Guardians can get PIN codes for their minor children’s library cards.

The customer is responsible for their library card and the material it was used for, as well as using the combination of their username and PIN code. Any changes in the customer information must be reported to the library.

The customer loses their borrowing rights if they do not return loans, they refuse to pay the charges, or they return damaged material to the library without resolving the matter. The ban will be removed when the customer returns or compensates the material and pays the required charges.

The library must be notified immediately about a lost library card. The customer has responsibility for the loaned material until the disappearance notice has been given to the library.

Renewals and reservations

Material can be re-borrowed if there are no reservations. Loans may be renewed up to five consecutive times. Loans can be renewed at the library or the bookmobile, by e-mail, on phone, or through the web library. Reserving material from the Sotkamo library system is free of charge. A fee is charged for an uncollected reservation; an exception to this rule is the material in the children’s and youth department where uncollected reservation fees are not charged. 


Loans can be returned to the main library or the bookmobile. At the main library, there is a return chute to be used outside opening hours. The customer is responsible for the loans returned in the chute, and the loans will be received at the library on the following business day. A notification will be sent on the loans that have not been returned by the due date. A fee is charged for sending the notification.

Interlibrary loans

The customer can make interlibrary loan requests for items that are not a part of Sotkamo library’s own collection.Sotkamo library follows nationwide rules on interlibrary loans as well as the terms of the lending library. The library charges a fee for interlibrary loans.

Replacing material

If the customer damages or refuses to return library material, they must replace it by paying a refund defined by the library, or by providing a replacement item. Videos, DVD discs and Blu-ray discs can only be replaced by paying a refund.


The local Education and Cultural Committee defines the library charges.

Data protection and privacy

The library is entitled to enter personal identity codes into their customer register (Data Protection Act 1050/2018, Section 29). There is a lawful privacy statement for the customer register. Customers, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, have the right to check their personal information in the library register.

Rules and regulations

A public library is a public place as denoted in the Public Order Act, and in cases of disturbance on the operations and threat on the safety of the library, the Public Order Act (612/2003) is dispensed. A customer of the library must not disturb other customers or library staff. Library use can be denied for up to 30 days on the basis of serious and repeated disturbance caused for the library operations. The library ban is set by the library services manager after hearing the person in question.


The library welcomes feedback and wishes about its operations.