Hiukan elämysvalot illan hämärässä.

Hiukka’s experience lights

Hiukka’s experience lights are a dazzling attraction in Sotkamo. Every evening, after dusk, these lights come on at the same time as the street lights, creating a magical atmosphere in the area.

Hiukka’s experience lights offer a unique experience that lives and changes according to the season and different themes. Experience lights embody current themes, holidays and holidays.

The actual light show starts every Saturday from 6 p.m., and is visible on the hour until midnight.

You can find the light themes and their schedules for the entire year 2023-2024 in the link below. Each theme day is its own unique experience, bringing new visual experiences to the Hiukka area.

Discover the light experience also in Hirvensaari

Experience lights are also worth exploring from Hirvensaari. This location offers an ideal view of the light shows. At the same time, you can also admire the famous Havukka-aho thinker sculpture.