Ilmakuva Sotkamosta kohti Vuokattia.

Sotkamo through the eyes of the mayor

Sotkamo is renowned for its beautiful nature and diverse sports facilities in Vuokatti. The municipality’s extensive area accommodates two national parks, two dynamic urban centers, three mines, and a plethora of services, with almost a thousand businesses.

Vuokatti serves as a year-round leisure destination for the whole family. Numerous dining establishments and the only microbrewery in Kainuu offer delightful culinary experiences. The four seasons unfold as abundant opportunities for recreation, attracting approximately 1.5 million visitors annually.

Sotkamo offers ready-to-build plots across various areas, catering to permanent residences, recreational homes, and business needs. There are diverse options available from both the municipality and private sources.

Sotkamo is rapidly developing and growing, with several new apartment buildings emerging near Vuokatti Areena as well as the town centre . The municipality is currently constructing a new lower secondary school at Tenetti, as well as a new high school and library building. New areas for permanent residence and tourism are also available for development.

The success of Sotkamo is evident, having been recognized as a vibrant municipality three times in the first half of this decade. It has also been chosen as Finland’s Tourism Center of the Year, and Vuokatti slopes have received the award for the Best Ski Resort of the Year.

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