Opettaja opettaa näytön kautta alakoululaisille oppilaille.

Child-Friendly Sotkamo

Early childhood education, basic education, and upper secondary education open the door to a joyful everyday life for children and young people, thriving in the municipality’s diverse opportunities. The early childhood education pages introduce you to the world of early childhood education and preschool, where play, learning, and growth happen together. The pages on basic education and high school provide information about inspiring learning environments that enable the individual growth of young minds.

The athlete’s path from Tenetti lower secondary school smoothly continues to our upper secondary school, where the sports line and Vuokatti-Ruka Sports Academy ensure top-notch coaching for athletic development.

Child-Friendly Sotkamo is a municipality where early childhood education and education are integral parts of a vibrant and dynamic municipal environment. Welcome to experience the joy of learning and growth in Sotkamo!