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High School

Sotkamo high school provides its students an opportunity to study in a sports programme in addition to the national general programme. Flexibility, high-quality teaching and study quidance, and expert coaching are the strengths of our school.

With the special assignment, we are part of the Vuokatti-Ruka Sports Academy.
The new high school library building will be ready at the beginning of 2025.

The values ​​of our high school are well-being, participation, student orientation, planning and safety.

Flexible study arrangements, a wide range of courses and international operations as an Erasmus+ accredited school offer the opportunity to create a rewarding and motivating study path for every Sotkamo high school student.

For local young people, Sotkamo high school offers an opportunity for high-quality high school education that provides good preparation for further studies in a safe and familiar environment.

Sotkamo high school is also truly national, as a large number of students come from different parts of Finland. For young athletes, Sotkamo high school offers a highly polished and ready-made package that combines flexible study and sports training that can be compared internationally.

Sports high school specializes in nordic skiing, biathlon, ice-hockey, Finnish baseball, swimming and orienteering.

Kiinteistö Oy Sotkanmaa’s student apartments are located in the immediate vicinity of the Vuokatti´s training facilities at the address Vuokatinhovintie 3 88610 VUOKATTI.

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You can come to us from near or far

Our job is to help you complete your high school studies as well as possible, and we also keep the home team on the map wherever we go. You will receive carefully weighed advice and instructions for studying and life from us. We look forward to getting to know you!

Are you looking for a place where you can develop your skills in sports and education and where you can grow as an athlete and a person at the same time? The sports programme of Sotkamo high school is the perfect choice for you!

With the general programme of our high school, you can study in an active school and in new facilities that will be completed at the beginning of 2025. You also have the opportunity to apply for an international exchange during your high school studies.