Heavy snowfall and accumulated crown snow-load in the Kainuu region has caused power outages around the province. On Saturday 30 January 2017, the Kainuu rescue department issued a gen-eral emergency population warning as there may be some disruption when calling the emergency telephone number 112 in the Kainuu region.
More snowfall is forecast for the Kainuu area in the coming days, which may cause additional pow-er outages and therefore affect the function of mobile telephone networks.
People in the area affected by power outages should stockpile drinking water, food, and batteries for head lamps and radios. Please make sure to look after your neighbours in the disrupted area.
Should an emergency occur, please first try to call the emergency telephone number 112. If your call cannot be connected, please leave the affected area if possible or contact an authority infor-mation point.

The Kainuu rescue department has set up an emergency telephone number for telephone contact during the period of disruption. The number is +358 (0)44 7100 112.