Naapurinvaara is the oldest settlement in Kainuu. One of the most famous dance pavilions in Finland called Naapurinvaaran Huvikeskus is also located there. A scenery of Vuokatti and Nuasjärvi unfolds from Naapurinvaara. The nature of the village is particularly leafy grove forest and pasture typical to Kainuu.

The traditional landscape and nature of Naapurinvaara can be admired in summer by hiking, and in winter by skiing to the hut situated on top of the hill, where it is possible to rest while enjoying a sausage and campfire coffee.

The route to the three kilometres long trail called Lepikon lenkki is guided from both Naapurinvaara school and Naapurivaara Lomakylä Camping. Additionally, the trails with hilly landscapes called Koulupolku and Vaaranlenkki start from the school.